I create commissions for individuals and organizations on a limited basis. For more information, please contact me via email at

The Washington BUS

This piece serves as a front cover for The Washington BUS' annual impact report. My graphic consolidates progressive movements that the BUS has supported, including the fight for Referendum 74 (same-sex marriage) and I-732 (carbon emissions tax). I also designed three smaller motifs sprinkled throughout the report.

Layout designed by Kayla Wilkes

Seattle CID Preservation Authority (SCIDpda)

I created this mural installation for SCIDpda's renewal project, which aims to foster creativity and community building via Chinatown's historic Maynard Alley. My piece takes after the "red string of fate," a Chinese proverb asserting that each person's destiny is interconnected. 

Project Manager: An Huynh


The Wing Luke Museum

This year, I had the honor of creating the flagship painting for the Wing Luke Museum's annual auction. My artist statement is below.

"When I imagine Asian Pacific America’s boldest, most breathtaking future, my thoughts always center around youth artists preserving and telling their community’s stories. As a 17-year-old, I am deeply honored by the Wing Luke Museum’s support for these young creators.

I took inspiration from last summer’s Love Letters exhibit in Canton Alley—the first experience I had at the Wing—and transformed the alley’s brick walls into a white silhouette of the Historic Chinatown Gate and East Kong Yick building. Just as artists and cultural workers nourish the C-ID, the figures in my painting shape this blank space using colorful posters, physically building the neighborhood with their creative visions.

Behind them, an elder proudly looks onward beside a poster of Wing Luke himself gazing at his legacy. Ahead, a mutual aid banner promotes the continued advancement of racial and social equity. Each detail conveys the same message: that despite past and present hardships, we must never stop daring to dream of a vibrant future."

Thank you to the Wing Luke staff for giving me this incredible opportunity!